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Valerie's 2016 Art Residency at the Haliburton School of Art + Design

- featured articles are in the following 4 publications and Valerie's Artist presentation at the Haliburton School of Art + Design "Giving Garbage a Voice" is posted on YouTube.

The Stouffville Tribune

The Haliburton Highlander

The Haliburton Echo & County Life

Waste 360

Giving Garbage a Voice presentation


Valerie's YouTube Videos

Art Gallery of Bancroft Artist Talk Oct 2016

Plastic Beach - Sculptures made on a Caribbean beach 2017


On the radio show "The Art Studio",  Valerie is interviewed and answers the following questions in Part 1 which is posted on YouTube

- what are the common artist designations and what is the process involved in getting those letters behind your name?

- what are some venues for buying art, how is art priced and how do I check the reputation of the artist?

The following questions are answered in Part 2 which is posted on YouTube

- what is your view on buying art on the internet?

- what is a limited edition print and what are the physical and emotional differences compared with an original work or art?